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Software for Industrial Applications

A front view shows a desk with a large industrial PC with software and a small one to the left of it

Customized software solutions for industry requirements

Operating Systems, BIOS, Middleware, and more

Our customers profit from our sound know-how in system and embedded software. From firmware (UEFI) level via operating system configurations (WINDOWS IoT Enterprise and LINUX Buildroot or Debian) to middleware we implement the individual requirements of different industrial applications on our Prime Cube Box und Panel PCs and advise along the complete development and integration process.

Our configuration steps

you can see an operating system Prime OS with a Pico Box mounted on a wall

Prime OS: Specialized Operating Systems

With Prime OS we develop specialized operating systems for our hardware. They are optimized for different application

scenarios and available for HMI, virtualization or container applications. Prime OS can be compiled and configured based on your requirements, up to a completely customized solution.

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A panel PC with a running program on a machine refers to the Windows and Linux software

Windows and Linux

With WINDOWS in the configuration steps BASE, STYLE, or CUSTOM, or a customized LINUX development, our experts will find an efficient overall solution for your application.

In order to achieve long-term safety and stability, we count on WINDOWS 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) 2021. In this way, users have access to 5 years of mainstream support and further 5 years of extended support.

Our customized LINUX systems are based on an embedded distribution on the basis of Debian 11 64 bit or Buildroot and are optimized for stability and optimum performance.


You have a first idea or concrete requirement? Our sales engineers and experts will be happy to support you.

You can see a monotlitic system like a mountain that refers to the whitepaper

WHITEPAPER on Increased Efficiency by distributed Industrial systems

The individual components in production or automation systems are often large systems on which different functions are brought together. The dissolution of such a monolithic system makes sense to design the development more efficiently or improve the testability or updateability of the system.

Find out now by which approaches the conversion from a monolithic to a distributed system can be successful and which aspects need to be considered.

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Operate the IPC as easily as a smartphone

Process ­automat­ion for Apps

The logo in green and red of Flecs Software is shown

Prime Cube and FLECS combine optimum user experience and time savings during the installation and update of machine controls.

FLECS automates the installation and update process of applications on the control (PLC) and allows the hardware-independent use of software programs for different automation tasks in machine building.

Apps are installed, monitored and updated via the application layer. The service mesh offers an additional communication layer.

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On display is a Schubert packaging machine with a Panel PC. In the foreground a Box PC. On the right is a globe, which stands for iot 4.0.

IIOT and Edge Computing

In the Industrial Internet of Things OT (operational technology) and IT (informational technology) increasingly grow together; the safe real-time processing of the generated data is becoming increasingly important. In order to be able to ideally use the IoT and data, edge computing and gateway solutions for companies are increasingly becoming key technologies.

Edge computing and other software concepts are realized for our standard products. Virtualization tools such as real-time hypervisors allow to integrate existing remote maintenance solutions and operate parallel docker-based applications.

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