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Box IPCs

The powerful Prime Box Pico industrial box PCs and the larger Prime Box Performance side by side in the top left view.

Robust System Design, Passive Cooling

Powerful box PCs for the industry

Our Prime Cube portfolio reaches from the highly compact top-hat rail Box PC with lean calculating power to full-featured, robust and long-lived high-performance IPCs. All products can be individually configured in hardware and software, attuned to specific requirements. The robust, fanless system design ensures reliable continuous use.

The Box IPCs are available for 10 years in form, fit and function and include a warranty of 36 months.

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Design & Assembly
  • Optimized for the vertical installation into a control cabinet, at the top-hat rail or on the wall
  • Front Access to All Interfaces
Approvals & Protection Class
  • CE and UL
  • IP20
Passive Cooling

    Fanless Processor and System Cooling by Free Convection

  • WINDOWS IoT Enterprise, LINUX as buildroot or DEBIAN distribution
  • PRIME OS: Prepared, functional operating systems for many applications

Individual Software solutions for your requirements

Operating Systems, BIOS, Edge Computing, and more

Custom Software Grafik

We support our customers with sound know-how in system and embedded software: From firmware (UEFI) level via operating system configurations (WINDOWS IoT Enterprise and LINUX Buildroot or Debian) to middleware, we implement the individual requirements of different industrial applications on our Prime Cube devices and advise along the complete development and integration process.

The Box PCs are usable with WINDOWS 10 IoT Enterprise or LINUX resp. with Prime OS that has been specifically designed for our hardware. Prime OS is geared towards different application scenarios and can be configured, among other things, for virtualization or container applications as well as edge computing.

Do you know our white paper on increased efficiency by distributed industrial systems? To the Download.

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Individual Adaptions



  • Selection of available standard components and established configurations
  • Quick offer preparation and availability
  • No development effort


  • Customer-specific adaptations according to corporate design
  • Additional components such as memory, interfaces, or extension cards
  • Individual software integration


  • Development of a completely customized system solution

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