Risk and Safety.

Modern production facilities are only profitable if they work perfectly and produce to capacity. To help accomplish this, it is important to implement automated monitoring of your machining processes with devices such as the BK Mikro. This results in more in more production and lower operating costs.

The Risks: Production facilities are increasingly operated with full utilization of their performance potential. In machining centres, rotary transfer machines, transfer lines, machine tools and special machines (or other automated production plants) scrap and production downtimes lead to high losses due to consequential damages. The reason can be tool breakage or an incorrectly fed or missing tool. Clamping and ejection errors are problematic as well.

The Safety Solution: Reliable process monitoring systems guarantee a safe control of the production process. They detect slightest deviations from the nominal state and generate an instantaneous machine stop in order to avoid further damages or production losses. The quick and precise fault indication significantly reduces the time needed to remedy the problems. The benefit for the user lies in a higher degree of automation and lower operating costs.

Particular Benefits in Production

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved production quality
  • Minimized rejection rate
  • Reduced idle times
  • Unmanned operation during breaks and at night
  • Expanded operating time
  • Maximum tool availability
  • Protection of spindle and feeder
  • Relief of machine operator
  • Multiple machining

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