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Material Study Carbon

Innovation is Prime: At the trade fair SPS 2019, Schubert System Elektronik shows an operating panel for the machine tool industry in an innovative housing completely made of carbon. The fibre composite is based on carbon fibres embedded in a plastic matrix and has so far mainly been applied in aerospace, vehicle construction and sports devices such as bicycles.

Resource-Saving Lightweight

Apart from an attractive visual appearance and particularly pleasant feel, carbon offers numerous advantages. Compared to an aluminium and stainless steel housing, the weight is reduced by more than 70 %. Due to the low dead weight of the fibre composite, the effort of a mechanical connection to a machine and the strain on a support arm system are significantly reduced. This saving of resources also results in a significant extension of the lifetime of the system. If the operating panel needs to be turned or pushed to the side by operators they need less force than with devices from conventional materials.

Excellent Price-Performance Ratio

At first sight, the raw material carbon is more expensive than other metals. If you consider the costs along the complete cycle of production, however, this picture changes. Due to the finished casting production of the housing parts, complex production steps such as milling, bending, welding or varnishing are not required.

Carbon is neither subject to corrosion by contact with salt water, salt spray or acids nor to material fatigue. Thus, the lifetime of carbon parts is almost unlimited. Due to the high stiffness and impact strength and the resistance to thermal and chemical influences, a carbon housing is perfectly suitable for application in a rough industrial environment.

Thanks to its excellent properties, the industry can profit in many ways from the fibre composite.

Application-Oriented Features for the Productive Environment

Schubert System Elektronik implements the material study in a machine operating panel that is designed for the operation and control of complex machines and systems as well as for displaying the machine and system data in the productive industrial environment. The seamless integration of the front glass into the housing allows for easy and efficient cleaning.

High-quality MCI-modules offer a safe & latency-free integration of different operating elements into an existing fieldbus structure (PROFINET, SERCOS III, CANopen). The operating elements can be configured freely.

The development of the panel is based on the modular system of Prime Cube® that allows for individual solutions resp. a quick and targeted adaptation to the customer requirements - from terminal to high-end PC.


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