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Industrial Multitouch Panel PCs

for reliable interaction on the Industrial Internet of Things

A Prime Panel PC with running programs on a base.

for reliable interaction on the Industrial Internet of Things

A Prime Panel PC with recognizable programs is mounted on a white wall. including the Prime Box Pico on a shelf.

High-quality industrial Panel PCs

  • Fanless CPU and system cooling
  • Wide range of extension options, e.g. in terms of connectivity
  • Glass front for easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Projected Capacitive Touch Technology (PCT / PCAP)
  • Protection class IP65

You already have concrete requirements or would like to develop them together with us? We are looking forward to your enquiry.

A Prime Panel PC with recognizable programs on a dark base

For optimum operation and longevity

Robust system design, passive cooling

Our systems are verified for 24/7 operation, the processors are tested under industrial conditions. In this way we generate high operational safety. Downtimes and maintenance costs remain low.

The tested EMC-stability ensures safe operation and a low risk of interference.

The passive fanless CPU and system cooling not only ensures low noise emission but also a long system lifetime as there are no mechanical wear parts installed.

All components used were carefully selected and have been proven in the field. We keep all systems available in form, fit and function for 10 years, thus creating a safe investment basis for your plant design.

Multitouch Interaction

Individually parametrizable, up-to-date and convenient

Users will find their familiar look & feel with the convenient Projected Capacitive Touch Technology. Commands can be typed in precisely with up to 10 fingers.

Based on our customersā€™ requirements we can individually parameterize the touch functions in-house. Among other things, this allows for operation with special gloves or functions of gesture controls such as zoom-in and zoom-out.

Standard pre-parameterization:

  • EMC-stable 4-finger operation
  • Palm supression
  • Standard glove operation
  • Active pen, stylus
  • Operable even under disturbing influence

Optional parameterization:

  • Water detection
  • Whiteboard realization with different features & pens
  • Different glove qualities
  • Cleaning mode
  • and much more
Prime Panel PC frame in focus with red elements and blue elements referencing the Windows and Linux programs

Software Configurations

All systems can be delivered with preconfigured Windows10 or Linux. Integration of third-party software into the production image is also possible.

The BIOS level can be individually adapted, e.g. via the default settings of interfaces or an integration of the customer logo at the system start.

Nothing gets in the way of a quick and easy installation of the panel-PC.

Prime Panel PC in focus the frame with square elements that indicate the style configuration

Reduced to the best

Superior product design

The panel-PCs perfectly blend in with any modern machine design. The layer build-up from the slim front frame to the heat sink allows for clearly divided housing structures with visual lightness and professional appeal. The focus is on optimum usability. The ident in form of a small blue square at the side of the front frame, the Prime Cube, highlights the reduced form language.

The galvanized sheet steel housing with powder-coated front frame creates a high mechanical stability so that the devices are perfectly resistant to many environmental impacts. For optimum operation we use a hardened glass front with special optical quality. Thanks to the chemical anti-reflection coating there are no annoying reflections.

Individual design requests can also be realized. In this way, it is possible to implement the ident in the CI-color, and the frame resp. front can be further individualized by laser engraving or printing.


Contact our sales team now. We look forward to talking to you about your individual solution!

Prime Cube

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Prime CubeĀ® stands for intelligent solutions in the areas of operating, visualizing, monitoring and controlling.

Individual systems can be assembled from configurable HMI and web panels, performant box PCs, stable solutions for the transmission of video and USB data up to 100m, extendable IIoT concepts as well as software and service solutions.

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