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Customized Design with Pad Printing

Brilliant, in high-resolution quality and in all possible colors

Prime Cube® stands for intelligent solutions in the areas of operating, visualising, monitoring and controlling as well as distinctive, technically oriented purism – in short: „reduced to the best“.

The reduced form language of the Box and Panel PCs is highlighted by an IDENT in form of a small blue square at the side of the front frame, the "Prime Cube", which – based on customer requirements - can be printed in any color onto the frame.

In 2020, Schubert System Elektronik has put its own pad-printer of the trade mark "TAMPOPRINT" – the inventor and market leader of the pad-printing procedure – into operation. In this way it is possible to realize large production runs – and allows us to meet customer demands in a quick, effective and flexible way.

With the pad-printing procedure (also: "tampon printing") a pad transfers the print image – or the IDENT – from the cliché to the workpiece. The multiple transfer ensures a higher resistance and a brilliant print quality.

View this video to see how easy and fast this goes!

Here you will find more information about our modular Prime Cube computer products and systems.

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