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Mastering Digitization with Modularization

The product brand Prime Cube not only evolves towards customized solutions but also towards standard solutions for industrial computer systems in order to meet the changing market requirements. With Inge Hübner from “Open Automation” Matthias Klein discusses this and how Schubert System Elektronik prepares for the future in this dynamic market environment.


Open Automation: Which strategies, products and objectives do you apply with SSE to react to the requirements [of the market] and where do you define your position within the diversified world of digitization?

Matthias Klein: “We concentrate on the requirements of the market to Industry 4.0 and the IIoT. In this area, we already offer relevant modular products. We are solution-oriented, target the customers’ problems and advise them as system providers with high development competence from the software concept to the hardware ready for series production.

In order to be well equipped for the future, we currently check a few possibilities to increase our value creation depth in order to be able to adequately face critical processes or market changes and simultaneously strengthen our flexibility and independence.

This does not mean that we want to completely outsource individual business units to Asia, as many other companies do. On the contrary, I believe that with the right framework conditions Germany will continue to be an attractive production location in the sense of a best cost country and can reasonably complement our global procurement network.”

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