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Challenges in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - 3 questions for Alexander Matt, Product Manager Prime Cube.

The Industrial Internet of Things is generating more and more data that needs to be managed.
What do companies need to pay special attention to in this context?

What can Edge Computing achieve in a modern manufacturing infrastructure?

What are the advantages of sensor-related evaluation/pre-processing of data?

By pre-processing the data directly at the sensor or edge, it is possible to respond to events in real time. This is indispensable when implementing a virtual sensor or an augmented reality application.

Another key advantage is the efficient use of data. By pre-processing the data, only relevant and resulting reduced data packets are transferred to the cloud. This leads to lower costs for data transfer and minimises the risk of its loss outside the company. Furthermore, know-how is better protected as critical data remains within the company.

The process-oriented analysis and processing of the data also simplify its further use for functions and services on site. For example, to use it in a virtual sensor, to implement condition monitoring or for quality assurance applications.

How can a coherent Edge Computing concept be realised with a service-oriented system architecture? The Multiservice Platform (MSP) of Schubert System Elektronik’s Prime Cube® product brand combines several services into a single system using container technology. The required data is collected via interfaces, then further processed via defined applications and transferred, for example, to the cloud or another destination. In addition to data pre-processing and cloud connectivity, other tasks can also be fulfilled in this manner, e.g. virtual sensor technology or remote access to the line.

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